Welcome to uuzc, a portable UUCP<->ZConnect converting engine. ZConnect is a data exchange format commonly used for mail and news in Germany and Italy. This is a package for using standard ZC software with data retrieven via UUCP. You may also use this package to send out your ZC mail/news via UUCP or SMTP. zort converts UUCP files in a specified directory (per default in ./uuspool) into zwo ZConnect buffers, one for mail, one for news. You may specify their locations. -u, --uuspooldir ./uuspool/ -t, --tempdir ./tmp/ -m, --zcoutmail ./tmp/zort_out.prv -n, --zcoutnews ./tmp/zort_out.brt -d, --mydomain none.set -h, --help azy converts a ZConnect buffer specified via "-f " into one or more UUCP files in a directory specified with "-t" (defaults to ./uuspool). You might activate batchmail/batchnews via -m -n and enable 8bit output via -8. -f ZC input (has to be specified) -t Output dir -m Output batchmail (bool) -n Output batchnews (bool) -s System -d Domain -8 Output8Bit (bool) DON'T FORGET TO SPECIFY /! You have to install libsemul.so in your library path and to run ldconfig afterwards. smtpstream, ungzipbatch, azy, and zort have to be in your $PATH. This software is considered being alpha. I'm currently searching for people willing to test it. Only Linux/ix86 binaries are provided by now. All this code is (c) 1998 by . I'm planning to release source code under the GPL when it has reached a level of development that I do not have to be ashamed of (especially comments and history are still in German, and some parts are not implemented very well). I am not responsible for any damage this package may cause to you, your machine or to somebody else. Contact me at . I need some people who tell me something about distribution (GPL) and versioning. This could also become an important project of integrating ZConnect into the UUCP world, replacing Unix/Connect. ciao, johnny
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